Wolf Eyes Has Platinum Potential?

Andrew WK believes that post-industrial Michigan noisemongers Wolf Eyes have platinum potential. In an interview Friday for the book Detroit Rock City, WK, stands for Fetterly Wilkes, said:

Wolf Eyes has the potential to be as big as they want to be. When the music was out there, the music bands like Wolf Eyes make, I would see the people at these shows that fully embraced it in the same way they do and I do.
I never thought death metal would be as big as it became, but now you have arena bands that play death metal. Wolf Eyes is very good at delivering this more intense kind of music. It is musical and its performance is compelling. I think there needs to be some way to market it or package it, maybe in a single to start.

WK outlined the noise music community that enveloped Ann Arbor beginning in the early 90s, (“the whole thing was to be as crazy as possible”) his spate of juvenile delinquency (busted stealing from Meijer at 3 a.m.), and some of his A2 musical predecessors, including Iggy Pop.
We toured with Iggy in Australia for the Big Day Out Festival and he was tremendous, he never sounded better…He’s inspiring as any person could be not only as a musician but as a person, driving and going for it nonstop all the time and improving. Anyway, he had a quote in some magazine, and I give him all the benefit of the doubt, he’s always being misquoted, but he said all kinds of crazy shit. It was “these days, bands just don’t rock any more.” Oh my God, you wanna talk about an old man? That’s an institution talking.
WK himself was inspiring to talk with; engaging, rapid fire ideas and opinions and speaking his truth. The book is a better place because of him. 

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