WMMS, WJW, Cleveland Appearances

From the 70s: Was it W “Magic MushroomsS”?

This morning I did the morning show on WJW, the local Fox affiliate in Cleveland and Rover’s show on WMMS. It’s a little easier this time around, and I find myself enjoying talking to these folks, who, although it’s a job, seem interested. Rover was especially smart, and his morning zoo format was on hold while we talked. It was free and easy and he was up on the whole story, leading the listeners through a story that many of them may not have been all that familiar with.
We got done and we talked about the history of WMMS, which approached Detroit’s gold standard WABX in the early 70s as far as progressive programming. It broke Ziggy-era David Bowie in the Midwest, and also tried mightily to support Roxy Music, even though the local flavor was more James Gang, Michael Stanley’s Silk and Rasberries.
The station is now owned by Clear Channel, housed in a faceless office building in a generic office park, with a day care and gym in the building for all the corporate drones.
Clear Channel just can’t keep itself for getting rid of people, it seems, and I looked at the folks that were part of Rover’s show and was happy they were there. At least for a while. You never know when a company’s top dogs are paid salaries ranging from $3.4 million to $658,000.
Corporate America: What a scumbag, greedy way to roll.

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