Read Letters to Fans from Lester Bangs, Iggy Pop and More

Letter from Lester Bangs to Fan, 1974

Letters from Lester Bangs and Iggy Pop are part of the impressive collection of a site called Letters of Note. The site is a repository for the ancient art of letter writing, a practice that is no doubt on the wane and in 30 years will be completely extinct.
From Iggy, we get a letter of indeterminate date to a cat named Heinz Riegler, who slipped a tape to Iggy during a the Austrian leg of a tour.
Iggy writes,
“first, i wanna tell you i enjoy austria a lot and i think the culture from there is really important, also the countryside is beautiful. i’m from rural U. S. A, who gives a fuck?”
Pretty cool that the guy held onto the letter for all this time. Riegler went on to play music and does a pretty good job of the minimalist humm/thrum.
Lester Bangs’ letter was written in 1974, when he was still at Creem to an aspiring musician whose tape he misplaced.
He leads with an apology and notes the mess of the Creem offices.
“…I am usually so far behind on my own work for CREEM and other magazines that I am constantly chasing my own ass. (?) (Oh, well, literary license or whatever..) But anyway, don’t worry about your tape–I’ve got it somewhere, nobody’s copped it or your songs, and someday, unless this office goes up in flames, I may even find it and listen to it. So don’t be surprised if you hear from me about its relative merits sometime in 1978.”
Both are characteristically blunt missives delivered in fast, I’m-in-a fuckin’-hurry fashion that seems to be in the DNA of high achievers. In this case, we can throw in the two were devotees of intoxication  Checking out the roster of letters in the search function will waste your day, so beware.

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