Read Complaint: Frontier Records Files Legal Action Against Italian Record Label

I love the legal action that has sprung up involving punk rock litigants.  We went over the Black Flag cases last year and now we’re on to the Kix v. Adolescents. Stems from the altogether terrific Frontier Records, run by the estimable Lisa Fancher and home of some excellent bands including Redd Kross, Circle Jerks and TSOL confronting an Italian label that calls itself Frontiers Records, home to some pretty sad shit including Styx, Stryper and Great White.
The confused fans of the Italian label are emailing Lisa at Frontier and asking about tickets to Whitesnake and giving props to Kix.
“Wrong label, you’re looking for Frontiers Records from Italy!” is Lisa’s way cool response to one query, resisting the urge to rip on these poor guys.





Here’s the complaint filed by Frontier in hopes of getting the Pat Travers fans off her back.