Punk Rock eBay Scam or Jackpot?

Fix test press?

A few decades ago I was fortunate enough to be part of a little musical combo called The Fix, which garnered some posthumous punk fame and always hailed its Michigan roots.
We released a single in March 1981 has gone for as much as $4,250 and today someone is selling what purports to be a test press of that single on eBay, to the left.
My pal Tesco Vee, who oversaw the release of the record, is rightfully dubious of the authenticity of this test press. For one thing, it doesn’t fit the test press format of NPR, the Nashville, Tenn.-based outfit that pressed the initial Touch & Go vinyl. You can see that on the Process of Elimination test press here. They don’t match up.
The Fix test press would have reached the Fix house at 823 Beulah in Lansing around February 1981,

and we would have no doubt celebrated the notion that a band that drove people away in droves could even manage a record. I don’t remember doing that, but we had a lot of distractions.
I do have a great memory of the second Fix 7-inch test press. Because all we could think of was a small, 7-inch record; how could a cult band do anything more?
We received the Jan’s Rooms test press at the San Francisco home of a fellow who was soon to go to prison for cocaine distribution. He had tons of money of course, and put us up on his floor for our week of shows in the Bay Area. And on his loud, sonically perfect stereo, we listened to “Off To War” as it should sound. That night, we then went to play at a place that we had to load our gear down a fuckin’ hole in the floor to 30 devoted punk rocks. We simply carried the torch. It still burns on a good day.

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