Parents of Murderess in Italy Charged with Slander. Justice is Funny There.

You want a true crime, consider the case of Amanda Knox. She’s the Washington state woman who sits in an Italian prison convicted of the murder of her roommate in November 2007.
Now a judge has indicted the parents of Knox on charges that they slandered and defamed Italian police in an interview from 2008, when they claimed their daughter was hit and threatened with further violence during questioning. This is the interview that is the basis for the “indictment” which in this country is just as simple but is at least done by a panel, called a grand jury. The parents are strident and determined to keep pushing, according to this response today.
Amanda herself was charged with slander last year.
American media has fallen on the side of Knox, who is serving 26 years for killing her British roommate Merideth Kercher. Knox’ Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito was convicted in a separate trial.
There are a load of books here in the U.S. on the crime, almost all showing support for Knox.
I read the unfortunate “Murder in Italy: The Shocking Slaying of a British Student, the Accused American Girl, and an International Scandal” put out by Penguin/Berkley. It was a poorly sourced book that relied more on blog and Facebook posts rather than real interviews with real people.
Another book came out in the fall, “Take Me With You: Conversations With Amanda Knox in Prison,” which the Knox family hoped would have am impact.But it, too, fell short of the journalism mark.
The Italian justice system might be a bit lacking; we’re used to a bit more freedom of speech here and that even extends to those incarcerated. Not so much in Italy, even for the kin of those convicted.

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