Outlaw Radio Hosts are Legal Legends – And They Let Me In On Saturday

I did the Outlaw Radio true crime show yesterday with Burl Barer, a true crime author who is a real heavyweight. It was a fast hour. We got to talk some crime, some rock, it was good – I managed to get in a sentiment I am profoundly adamant about: Detroit – and Michigan at large – is the single most influential place in the world for rock and roll. And I take Motown out of the equation and reach the same conclusion, although these guys and many others like to toss it into the mix. It’s pure rock and roll turned the music world around. There are no Ramones without the Stooges – Johnny and Dee Dee bonded singularly over their affinity for the Stooges – and take it from there.
We also talked about the book, Girl, Wanted: The Chase for Sarah Pender, which has inexplicably jumped about 30 spots in Amazon’s true crime sales list in the past three days. It sits at #32 as I write this.
During the show, I told them about all the letters Pender wrote to me and her artistic ability, which you can see here on one of the envelopes of a letter she sent me.
It was a cool format – Burl and his co-host, Don Woldman, who is called the “world’s greatest divorce attorney,” talk and jive a bit, and they are cool about it. Burl is a great true crime writer, whose book Fatal Beauty, is a classic. Woldman was co-counsel to Bad Ass Lee Marvin in his landmark palimony case, so it was an honor to just share some airspace with these legal legends.
This week, I do a local radio show at 7:45 a.m. Monday the 15th and then do an appearance at Schuler’s bookstore in Okemos on Wednesday the 17th at 7 p.m. It’s all part of the gig, and I appreciate the interest.

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