Orlando terrorist had statewide firearms license

The Daily Reveal notes today that Orlando mass murderer Omar Mateen was a licensed security guard license in Florida. But he also carried a statewide firearms license, which requires training and a certified degree of proficiency with a weapon. See application for the license here.

On his applications for both security guard and firearms, Mateen had to answer an extensive inquiry into his background, including arrests, history of substance or alcohol abuse and mental illness. There is also a training session Mateen would have had to complete to get his security certificate. Love to know who was taking the class with him and what they thought of him.

The story is correct in that there is no mental health screening, as the state takes an applicant’s word for it. Requiring a clean mental health bill may be something that is looked at down the line for all weapons licensing. But as that kind of certifying is subjective, it would be one more political, feel-good provision with little impact.

I filed an open records request today for Mateen’s applications for both his security guard license as well as his firearm license. It will be interesting to see if the state tries to hide these, claiming they are part of an ongoing investigation. They aren’t, of course, but…

UPDATE: An hour after this went up, I received this email from the state of Florida regarding my open records request: Per your recent records request, we are continuing to work with the FDLE and FBI, which are involved in the criminal investigation regarding the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando. We are awaiting guidance from those law enforcement agencies regarding the release of records that relate to the shooter. When we have guidance regarding the records, we will inform you.

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