Old, tattered, used, overplayed 7-inch record sells for $3,760

$3,760 for this. A first class ticket to Europe.
I wish I could say I accept this, but I still can’t get over the collectabilityof the first single by the Fix.  Whoever bought this came in at the end of bidding; it wasn’t someone who had been repeatedly trying to get it. Seller is a record store in southern Ohio. It’s a good record, yea. Record collectors are interesting to me in that I love what they collect, although I am a spectator, not a participant. I don’t like stuff, and am able to live for long periods of time in a small room. I have all my music in iTunes Match, have a Jawbone speaker for my MacBook Pro or my iPad or iPhone. And I like to travel, so my spare change goes to that. So it’s especially stunning when people shell out this kinda cash for a record. I’m honored, but perplexed. 

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