Nugent As Dumb As Any Beast He Kills

Flapping your jaws and talking smack is one thing; killing animals is another.
Ted Nugent, much maligned by intolerant types for his often-ignorant proclamations, is a son of Detroit who recently drew some fire for his over-the-top dreams. Bad move; the First Amendment promises freedom of speech but not protection from the fallout of the speech.
But when it comes to recklessly hurting or killing animals, a man becomes a beast dumber than any animal he might harm.
According to his plea of guilty to a misdemeanor, Nugent was in Alaska taping an episode of a show he does and wounded a black bear with an arrow. State law limits bear bagging to one, and wounding counts. But Nugent went on to kill another bear.
For that careless act – doesn’t he have lawyers to advise him of hunting quota laws?  – he paid a $600 fine, can no longer hunt or fish in Alaska or on any national forest service land, and during his show must broadcast a public service announcement on the importance of knowing local hunting laws.
Nugent can talk about anything he wants; it’s fun to watch people squirm about his nutty banter, as if an entertainer has anything to actually add to the political arguments of today. But with this bear situation, he casts himself as a self-centered bully bent on putting a money-making TV show ahead of decency. 

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