Me, Alice – A Book Ahead of Its Time

In 1976, Me, Alice, the autobiography of Alice Cooper was published by Putnam. It was written with author Steven Gaines, had a brief flurry of press and died quickly. Some, including Gaines, claim it to be the first autobiography of a rock star, for whatever that’s worth.
What is worth something is the book itself, which never went to reprint – Amazon has a new copy for $2,000, and if you’re wiling to slum it used, $165.
The book was never reprinted, and my guess is that Alice doesn’t want it all hanging out there at this point. He was in his mid-to-upper 20s when Me, Alice was being written. He said at one point in the book that he had no use for marriage, funerals and underwear. Guessing things are different now. The book names names, a bunch of them that keeps a fan googling – girls he was with, security guards, all kinds of things. It’s funny, clever, candid and altogether refreshingly different than most memoirs today. Think The Dirt only minus the cartoon imagery, or a less self-conscious Slash. There’s a small group of folk on Facebook that want to see the book reissued – smart idea. Sadly, though, I bet it won’t happen.

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