Kim Fowley on Ted Nugent, Iggy Pop

Kim Fowley is just pure gold for a journalist, a quote machine who loves to talk and knows how to sell himself as a personality. Better yet, he’s likable. Kim has been in every book that speaks of music and lets him in and that means plenty. A couple things we talked about: Meeting Ted Nugent at the Whiskey:
Yeah, he was very pleasant. It was him saying, “Hey, I admire your work,” and me coming back ,“Oh, I admire your work.” 
“Nice meeting you.” “Nice meeting you.” 
It was one of those things; it was very short. 
It was the 70s, and he probably wanted to scam on the Runaways, because everybody did. I think he said, ‘’hmmmmmm’ and I went, “Yeah.” It was like John Lee Hooker meeting Howling Wolf somewhere, you know.
I’m not sure who’s Hooker and who’s Wolf, but we’ll go with it.
Then there’s Iggy:
Last time Iggy and I met, Bloodstone were playing, and we each went up on stage and danced with black women at the Whiskey. And I got more applause than he did. I did the Funky Chicken better. Now I’m in a cane but I think he’s in a cane too, offstage. So there you go, we ended up with canes. We should have a sword fight with canes somewhere.
There’s much more. He’s a legend and he puts people off. I dig it.

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