Jimmy Recca talks Stooges in a Detroit Rock City outtake

Jimmy Recca, former Stooge, in his inimitable, animated ramble, on writing “I Got a Right” and entering Stoogeland as the bassist. This is an outtake from Detroit Rock City: The Uncensored History of Rock ‘n’ Roll in America’s Loudest City (Da Capo 2013)


Recca: I joined the band around February 1970. The song that was first recorded by the band the three of us, Ron [Asheton], James [Williamson]and myself as a way to break the ice and to get Ron to accept me as a bass player was “I Got A Right.” We all had the same input on it. We had a lot more songs, but my performance rights to those songs, well, that’s why they never did any of those other songs after I left.
Also, they never reproduced them because they were too complex and James couldn’t remember, to tell you the truth. He had very little to do with anything other than his parts, his riffs. He had his riffs, I had my riffs, Ron had his riffs. Nobody tries to write a person out of history when that’s the way it is. I was there and those guys don’t want to write me out of history because they don’t want to go back to remember what they can’t remember. The only thing they remember is that song, “I Got a Right.” Ron knew it and that’s why Ron and I finally got along so well, he knew my ability in that band you know. It took at least seven rehearsals before Ron would even say a fucking word to me. He wouldn’t even look at me. He didn’t like me. He had that fucking rock star thing like ‘I don’t have to accept you if I don’t want to. Say whatever you want to. It doesn’t matter what you say, we didn’t join you, you joined us.’





And I think for the most part, none of it was going to fucking matter, nothing was going to come out of it. Ron started feeling the pangs of James hooking up with Scotty because Scotty and James were the same age and they kind of hung out together and James was getting into the band through Scotty [Asheton]  and Scotty was promoting him to come to rehearsal. Ron was not digging that at all. When things get to him, you know he’s fucking caustic, man. But he would get over it eventually. So that’s the way it was with James and him and that’s how it went on.