Jack White on Success and Nashville

A good read in Nashville’s alt weekly on Jack White and his residence there, specifically his Third Man Records. While the reporter fawns a bit, he also gets into White’s head a and this makes for some excellent journalism. At one point, White talks about his departure from Detroit and how he’s approaching his Nashville life differently than he did in his hometown:
“I tread lightly on the scene in Nashville because I don’t wanna infiltrate it and be too involved in it. I got really burned in Detroit, being heavily involved in the scene up there, so it’s a little bit scary. I have some trepidation about it. I don’t wanna cause any problems” — he laughs — “you know? I don’t wanna interrupt the flow of what’s naturally happening with [Nashville] bands either.”
Understandable, since things went a little south for White here. But later in the story, White’s confidante/nephew Ben Blackwell gives the best explanation for any bitter feelings regarding Detroit. He says – and it’s true – that White worked harder and made his work his life. And, whaddya know, success walked in the door.
Some people, who may have worked almost as hard, resent someone else’s success rather than celebrating it, or at least using it as a model for what it possible.
To White, it appears that his hard work was simply a personality trait – and he didn’t have to figure out a simple reality: if you want to be good at something, live it. Other elements in your life will suffer and things will even go away. But even if you don’t achieve the heights to which you aspire, at least you can be pleased that you did your best.

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