It’s Really Hard to Get the Smell of a Body Out of an Explorer. So Leave Us Alone.

Jim Elder, GM

File under crime, Detroit style. Or at least Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights style.
Two women claim in a lawsuit that the dealership sold them a 2006 Ford Explorer that, after a few months, emitted a scent that had a tinge of eu de corpse to it. Yup, the plaintiffs claim in the suit that Suburban Ford sold them a car in which someone had died. When they demanded a refund, the dealership of course knew nothing of the unfortunate death and refused to give an inch, according to the suit. Not even a courtesy haz mat scrub.
Hard to believe that a crack staff like this wouldn’t want to divulge the history of the car. I mean the GM, Jim Elder, really put it on for the family photo here.

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