Inmates Can’t Even Read About Prison Breaks – I Will Not Think Bad Thoughts

In prison? Don’t even think about reading this book

I visited Stephen Grant today at Bellamy Creek Correctional Facility here in Michigan. Grant of course is the man convicted of murdering his wife, Tara, in 2007 and the subject of my first book, A Slaying in the Suburbs.
I see him about every 6 months. It’s a good way to try to understand the system, and he’s always got interesting stories about how it all works.
I sent him a copy of my latest true crime book, Girl, Wanted:The Chase for Sarah Pender, when it came out in June.
“Great book, but it almost got me thrown in the hole,” Grant told me today. “That’s a subject that we aren’t really supposed to talk or read about in here.”
The book chronicles the escape and 136 days of freedom of convicted double murderess Sarah Pender. Grant said he got the book, read in and was placing it into general circulation when a guard picked it up and read the back cover, which describes the book The guard was cool, although any other guard may not have been. Grant told me that years ago, an Esquire  article on an escape at Kinross Correctional Facility in Michigan in  got a few subscribers locked up. Not that they knew what was in the issue; it’s just the way the system works. Justice is apparently a very difficult practice. Ever met a prison guard? Not exactly the person you want to be around.

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