Hardcore Kids Talk

I speak with Tesco Vee in the latest Revue, an alt-monthly out of Michigan.  It’s always hard playing reporter with someone who’s been a friend for 30+ years, so we played it more as a conversation.  Much like the podcasts we did for the book, Touch & Go; The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine 1979-1983.  
Here’s a couple excerpts from the conversation that didn’t make it:
Revue: What’s your grave stone going to say?
Vee: When people step anywhere near my grave, I’ll have a little speaker set up on my tomb stone and it’ll let out a fart sound like I’m passing gas from the grave.
Revue: Who’s older than you?
Vee: In the punk rock world, nobody. Hey, Iggy Pop is still dong it, wrinkled up leather bag that he is And he’s still packing them in. He’s more legendary than me  but I’m content to carve out my little niche.
By the way, the book has moved about 10,000 with a new printing coming up in the fall. Never thought such a thing when we were making copies for the book proposal at a Kinko’s in Lansing. Such sales were far from our thoughts; all we really wanted to do is see it come out. And like the book I am completing now for Da Capo, Detroit Rock City, I just wanted it to come out because I want to read it. 

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