Grand Funk on Playboy After Dark

You know how annoying it is when someone posts a video on their Facebook or whatever the social media flavor of the day is – it’s a showoff move in general, not to share but to let people know you are on the tip of it all.
But in preparing for an interview of Don Brewer of Grand Funk Railroad, I came across this gem – and I have to say I never knew of Playboy After Dark. “It was shot at a soundstage in Chicago and not at the Playboy Mansion,” Brewer told me today. “It was just this lip-synch thing and they had all the bunnies wandering around.”
The inevitable questions of course: Who hooked up with a bunny?
“None of us did,” Brewer said. “We probably had to get moving as soon as the shoot was done.”
Brewer also told me of the Butterfinger candy bar commercial audio he and bandmate Mark Farner taped during some dire financial times before GF hit it big.
“We were in Cleveland recording and [manager] Terry Knight told us there’s this chance to make some money, which we had very little of. So they flew us to Chicago to do some backing vocals. I would hear it on Saturday morning, during cartoons.”
And one more nugget: When Grand Funk Railroad played the Atlanta Pop Festival on the July 4 weekend in 1969, it played for free – starving for some kind of notice. Brewer was living with his mom. And history tells the rest – GFR blew the festival apart and never looked back. And Brewer finally got enough money to move into the Knollwood Village Apartments in Grand Blanc.

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