Girl, Wanted Press Release

Sarah Pender the day after her December 2008 capture. Photo from book, Girl, Wanted

We’ve discussed the press release before, but I have another to pimp, this one for the release of Girl, Wanted: The Chase for Sarah Pender (Penguin/Berkley). My publicity is being handled by an old friend, K.B. Forbes, whom I met while living in D.C. in the early 2000s. K.B. is best known as an advocate for the medically uninsured, although he knows his way around a PR campaign.
Presser is here.
I mentioned how this is the hardest part of any book, this promotion. But it has to be done.
While we’re here, I should mention that it’s regretful that the first true reality show, America’s Most Wanted, is leaving the air. The show was a great help to me during the reporting and writing for Girl, Wanted, so I hope the folks that took care of me there land on their feet. I’m no cop advocate, but the show did a good job of tracking down some pretty serious criminals.

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