Fix Single, $4,000

File under overpriced, like all entertainment these days. And I could even contend this is art; the single of my first band, The Fix, on eBay, for a buy it now price of $4,000.  At first glance, it appears to be the real thing. I can’t recall the matrix letters at all. We didn’t know about putting stupid little messages in there in 1981, when this was pressed.  Thankfully, perhaps; We were in our early 20s and might have opted for something like “Manson Rules.” Remember, this is the same band that melted 15 of the 200 records pressed on the band house radiator. If you live in Lansing, the house was 823 Beulah.  Someone told me the house was condemned now. Which is something; even in 1981, there were always cops at someplace in the neighborhood, which for some reason didn’t prevent break-ins. We lost some stereo gear to thieves, who made their way to the basement to cop our amps. But we were out of town playing and, well, it’s not as if we had spares sitting around. As far as the record, I like the idea that I won’t see a penny of the money. Never could get why someone would make music and get all shitty about the cash. If you’re making music that you want everyone to like, it’s not really music, it’s entertainment. For me, it was all about creating havoc and ruining the standards. That shouldn’t have a cash reward. 

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