Detroit Rock City, the Press Release Version

The media loves this thing, the press release, or Press Release, in its most grandiose version.
So I have one for Detroit Rock City: The Uncensored History of Five Decades of Rock ‘n Roll in America’s Loudest City. As it reads, much courtesy of Gonzo scribesman Tesco Vee:
One can only scratch their melon in amazement at the quantity and quality of Rock Legends that the Motor City hath spawned, formed or fostered from the hard scrabble Rust Belt.
The list both inspires and impresses as we tumble thru the decades: Mitch Ryder, SRC, Brownsville Station, Ted Nugent, Alice Cooper, Grand Funk Railroad, Bob Seger, The Stooges, MC5, White Stripes, Kid Rock.
Now, the unvarnished truth about how things came to be in that city will be told in DETROIT ROCK CITY: The Uncensored History of Five Decades of Rock ‘n Roll in America’s Loudest City (Da Capo) – scheduled to drop in early 2013 – an oral history of Detroit and its music told by the people who were on the stage, in the clubs, the practice rooms, studios and in the audience, blasting the music out and soaking it up, in every scene from 1967 to today.
From seminal axe men like The Nuge, Dick Wagner and James Williamson jump to Jack White, to pop flashes Suzi Quatro and Cub Coda, to proto punkers Brother Wayne Kramer/Fred ‘Sonic’ Smith, and James Osterberg, Detroit slices the rest of the land with way more than its share of the Rock Pie.
DETROIT ROCK CITY is the story that has never before been sprung, a frenzied and schooled account of both past and present, calling in the halcyon days of the Grande Ballroom and the Eastown Theater, where national acts who came thru were made to stand and deliver in the face of the always hard hitting local support acts. It moves on to the Michigan Palace, Bookies Club 870, City Club, Gold Dollar, Magic Stick – all magical venues in America’s top rock city. 

Click the title link above for the whole story, or simply hit this.

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