Creem Magazine; A Boxload of Old Issues Means No Spare Time

I have come into a box full of Creem magazines from 69-70, compliments of Creem editor and liner note scribe extraordinaire – Was (Not Was), Iggy and the Stooges – Brian Bowe.
It’s awful. All of my spare time is spent perusing these paper monuments to the greatness that was Detroit/Michigan rock and roll. They are full of gossipy tales of drug busts, music romances, more drug busts, well-written cop-hating diatribes, Dave Marsh-penned opuses about…everything. This box o’ goodies is a time trip, where I can read about the 1970 Mt. Clemens Pop Festival (?!) featuring Johnny Winter, MC5, Alice Cooper, the Stooges, John Lee Hooker and an Alex Lifeson-led version of Rush. Or about Ted Nugent being tossed in the Traverse City jail in 1969 for walking around with a knife on his belt. I have spent much time with the Michigan music issue, cover goes to The SRC, and Creem #2, with the famous Boy Howdy cover. And check out the cool ad for The Frost. I’ll give you more as time permits.

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