“American Band” came from pissed off…American band. Don Brewer explains

There are all kinds of stories about how the song “We’re An American Band” came to be, and I had to ask Brewer, I’m sure for the hundredth time, about it. It never made it into the book, Detroit Rock City, but I’m always interested in all things Grand Funk, as everyone should be,
Don Brewer, drummer, Grand Funk, on writing the song, “We’re An American Band”: There was some rumor goin’ around at times — and I’ve seen it written, over and over, actually, I think I even saw it on Wikipedia –that we came up with the concept for “American Band” because we got into a fight with Humble Pie one night about who’s better, the English bands or the American bands. That wasn’t the case at all. I came up with that concept for “American Band” from us being sued by Terry Knight, traveling around from town to town, being sued at every city we were playing at, and I’m goin’, in my head I’m goin’, ‘we’re coming to your town, we’ll help you party it down. ‘That what I thought was happening, and then later the term came up — popped into my head — ‘we’re an American band.’ I needed a tag line for it. It had absolutely nothing to do with the English bands or anything.