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Nobody’s Women Found Among Possessions of Newly Discovered Cleveland Serial Killer?

Michael Madison charged today  Michael Madison, and his neighbors, are reportedly chattering about a fascination with Anthony Sowell, whose crimes I chronicled in a...

More News From Nowhere – Sarah Pender’s Legal Team Continues Push for Her Freedom

The lawyer for Sarah Pender has filed a petition with the Marion County Prosecutor’s office in hopes of getting her client sprung. The motion includes an...


Detroit Rock City: I’ll Read it to You, Produced by Mike E Clark

(above) Mike Clark in studio The audio book version of Detroit Rock City hits today, and it was a cool trip. I spent a few days recording it with Mike E Clark at his...

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Video: Rock Book Show, Detroit Rock City Book Interview

Kimberly Austin from Rock Book Show interviews author Steve Miller.

Rock City tee

Insider Comments on/from Detroit Rock City

This (above) is the t-shirt. Why not? Detroit Rock City is out and there are stories in there that my pal and fellow traveler Tim Caldwell has picked up on and carried...